About Secunda Studios

Secunda Studios is, you guessed it, an online extension of Arthur Secunda's studio.  Run by Arthur Secunda and his two sons, Dave and Al, you can think of this space as the virtual equivalent of visiting Arthur Secunda's studio in person.  (And as a plus, we've picked up all the virtual paint and turpentine off the virtual floor so you don't ruin your virtual shoes!) We've curated the offerings for sale and will be adding new books, prints, paintings, and more as time goes on!  We think of Secunda Studios as a nucleus for all things Secunda: keep up to date on the blog, Secunda Direct, browse Secunda's collection, and purchase anything that fits your space.

And of course, we want to hear from you!  Questions, comments, anything at all?  Shoot us an email at info@secundastudios.com or leave a comment on the blog!