Official Teaser for Ten Days With Art - The Secunda Documentary

Adamo Documentary Marchisano Matteo Teaser Ten Days With Art Trailer

Dive into Arthur Secunda's art, life, and creative process on a journey documented by master filmmaker Matteo Marchisano-Adamo.  The documentary's release date is pending but here's the Official Teaser of Ten Days With Art:



Ten Days with Art - Official Teaser from Matteo Marchisano-Adamo on Vimeo.


Here’s what people are saying about Ten Days with Art:

"This film is amazing.  I think it speaks for what art should speak for or about.  Arthur is so strong and convincing in his humanity, that we will follow his journey displayed in Ten Days with Art, no matter what.”   ​Ralf Weinfurtner, Producer (Resident Evil: Afterlife, I am Gangster)

“Ten Days with Art was simply gorgeous. I was so moved by Arthur, the imagery, and this snapshot of his life. I was particularly broken open with his observation on friendship and art. It feels like the point of this lovely meditation, and it landed."   Erinn Anova, Actress/Singer (American Koko, Stolen Moments)

"Your film touched me profoundly.  It moved me to tears, gave me tingles, and inspired me deeply, to remember why and what I live for.  That was easily one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.”    Adam Pfleghaar, Director (In Search of Balance, Still I Strive)


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