Arthur Secunda Museum at Cleary University

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The Secunda Museum at Cleary University opened in 2013, and co-published Deja Vu, Arthur Secunda's Catalogue Raisonné (which is for sale here at Secunda Studios here), coinciding with the Museum's opening. With a collection of hundreds of pieces showcasing 65 years of Arthur Secunda's work, both the breadth and depth of art is incredible and is quite awe inspiring to behold in person.  The Catalogue, too, chronicles those 65 years' of Arthur Secunda's work from 1948-2013.

Master Filmmaker Matteo Marchisano-Adamo, who is the mastermind behind the Arthur Secunda documentary that we discussed in a blog post here, put together the following video from an interview with Paul W. Smith (Morning Drive-Time Personality, WJR, Detroit); Tom Sullivan, former President of Cleary University; and Ed Wall, a master art collector, good friend of Arthur Secunda's, and whose collection is now a great deal of the corpus of pieces housed at the Secunda Museum.  Along with some illuminating conversation is a beautiful presentation of images from the Secunda Museum that can only be eclipsed by seeing the Museum in person.


Rush Hour from Matteo Marchisano-Adamo on Vimeo.



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